Design and INspiration Gallery

Not sure what style of design you prefer?  Below are images of projects which give you a glimpse into the many different looks you can achieve in your space!

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Traditional Decor

  1. Thibaut Traditional Interior Design
    Dark Woods Galore
    One thing that is unmistakable with traditional decor is the use of wood...lots of dark, lovely, ornate wood.
  2. Thibaut Floral Traditional Decor
    Pretty Florals
    Leaves and twigs and colorful pedals often grace the window treatments, furniture pieces, decorative pillows and wall art in traditional decor.
  3. Damask Chair Interior Design
    Damask Love
    In traditional decor, furnishings and even wall treatments don lovely damask textures and patterns. The Damask weave is used extensively throughout the fashion industry due to its versatility and high-quality finish. Damask is usually used for mid-to-high-quality items, meaning the label tends to have a higher definition and a more “expensive” look.
  4. tassels and fringes traditional interior decor
    Tassels and Fringes
    Oh for the love of tassels and fringes! You cannot go wrong when your pillows don these lovelies.
More to come....

Transitional Decor

Eclectic Decor

Contemporary Decor

Country/Farmhouse/Cottage Decor